Sunday, April 15, 2018

How To Be Spiritual

Many people ask, “How can I be more spiritual?” It’s a very odd question to ask where I come from although it’s one of the most fundamental questions of the ages for human beings. So, what is the answer? How can one be more spiritual?

Through my experience of being Spirit having had many human experiences, you cannot attain more spirituality than the spirituality you have, you already are. You are Spirit already. You are an incarnated soul having a physical, actionable experience on an orb called Earth hurtling through space at 17,000 miles an hour. You already contain Spirit, so, you are already spiritual. Everyone is spiritual. The real question is, “Am I aware that I am Spirit having a human experience?” When you, as a human, come to terms that your true essence is Spirit, then you own your spirituality, not before. What does this mean?

It means that being spiritual is a state of allowing Spirit within yourself, as who you really are. The main actionable experience of allowing Spirit is feeling Spirit inside you and inside other human beings and inside everything there is. You don’t act spiritual, you feel spiritual. No amount of crystals, Mala beads, incense, temples, churches, synagogues, gurus, ayahuasca, shamans, etc. will make you more spiritual. All these trappings can do is lead you to your Spirit within. Spiritual is feeling the presence of Spirit within. It’s a connection with Spirit from the inside of your being. You realize you are Spirit and you commune with this energy both inside and outside of yourself (by the way, there is no outside of yourself).

So, the answer to “how can I be more spiritual” is simply by accepting, allowing and then being the true essence of who you are-Spirit engaged in expanding its awareness in a dense third dimensional matrix. In order to allow Spirit, you have to go within and connect to where Spirit lives. It lives inside you. Once you have connected with Spirit inside you, you automatically connect with Spirit in everything around you. Spirit “hears” you in everything once you connect with it inside. That is the true definition, in my experience, of being spiritual. Being spiritual means you ARE Spirit now.

Please understand that we can celebrate Spirit with rituals, with accoutrements, with religion, with erecting temples but understand that Spirit does not dwell in these things. Spirit dwells in you. Accepting that is the first step to actually being Spiritual. 

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