Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth...The Victims Paradise

Earth is the victims paradise. Why do I see this? I see this because most of the people on Earth practice the idea that they are not enough, they are not worth much and they are born in sin, they are dirty and must go through something or someone else for “salvation” and salvation is code for being a victor. With this victim mentality firmly entrenched in their consciousness, it is easy to see why most people on Earth attract victimization to themselves. People...listen up: victims attract victims; victors attract victors. It’s that simple. How can you change this victim mentality if you have it?

To remove yourself from this victims paradise, stop thinking like a victim. Stop believing you are worthless. Start improving your sense of self-worth by realizing all the power of potential is WITHIN YOU and you don’t need anything or anyone else to go through or get it from. Stop the “poor me” charade; the pity party shenanigans; the looking up to others who you believe were born better than you, etc., etc.

All humans are equal and all humans are in the process of becoming more aware. All humans have some kind of karma they are facing. Everyone on Earth is now going through a major shift to a higher level of consciousness. There is never a point of arrival. The game of existence is a game of infinite growth and expansion of awareness. There is no destination; only the journey. The journey, the experience is the destination and everyone is experiencing their own consciousness reflected back to them. When you are in victim consciousness...that is your life experience!!!

So when you hold on to your victim thoughts and beliefs, your perpetuate those very thoughts by attracting people, situations, experiences and occasions where victimization comes to you to tell you you are right: you are a victim. It is time to get out of victim consciousness. From my own
experiences with being a victim, you must start by stopping putting yourself down. Understand that
you ARE worthy of everything just the way you are. You are unique and your deserve the best. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are a victor just by who and what you are. No need to go though anyone or anything to reach a level of salvation or being saved. You were saved when you were born.

Resolve to shake off these shackles of victimhood and take on the mantle of being a victor. Once you start seeing yourself as a victor; you will attract victorious things into your life. The very first step to get out of victim prison is to BELIEVE you are a victor. Believe it in your heart, mind and soul and you will find that victorious people, situations and occurances will be attracted to you. This is just the way it is. Choose your destiny. Victim or victor?

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