Friday, March 30, 2018

You Can’t Think It Away

From my experiences with being human, you can’t think your troubles away. You have to face them, confront them, deal with them head on. What happens if you don’t deal with your troubles?

I have discovered that the human being is made up of more than one body. We are not just a physical body. We are also a complex of mental body, emotional body, spirit body and more. To not pay attention to, deal with, listen to and work on each body is a dangerous game because ignoring any of our bodies leads to imbalance and eventual disease. Why is that?

Our soul speaks to us, communicates with us through our emotions and emotions are action requiring programs that tell us that you how we feel about people, circumstances, experiences or situations and we must pay attention to these communiques from our soul to help us maintain balance, peace of mind, overall health. We have to deal with the needs of each of our particular bodies in order to facilitate their healthy functioning.

For example, when you ignore, suppress or repress your soul’s communication with you through your emotional body and stuff your feelings deep down inside, they will find their storage place in your physical body causing muscular aches and pains at first and eventually diseases like cancer, diabetes, dementia and a whole host of sicknesses that result from a blockage of the emotional body that is trying to tell you something and is looking for a way to express itself back to balance in the body. The body speaks the emotions, the body speaks the mind. What is going on with one emotionally and mentally finds its way into the body because the human body is a complex that is all connected. The human organism is a homeostatic organism that seeks health and balance. When a human willfully ignores or refuses to confront an emotion, these emotions have no outlet, you have not done the
action the emotion required and it therefore becomes blocked in your body to fester and become sickness and disease. Have you ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? Why do some people die of cancer and others not? It is all tied to emotions, to feeling.

You cannot use your intellect to refute an emotion or try to think it away. It must be faced and dealt with so that you can do the required action the emotion is asking you to do. Please understand that I am not talking about harming yourself or others when you have difficult emotions. I am talking about being honest with yourself and looking at the emotion instead of taking some kind of depressant or believing that you can think this thing away. When you are hurting as the result of emotional trauma, you must deal with the trauma as difficult as it may seem to you. Head it off at the pass by looking at it and facing it. It cannot be thought away. If not dealt with, it hides in the body and stays there, only to re-emerge as some kind of illness because it was blocked and cannot release.

Difficult emotions are not easy to deal with, I know, for I have lived life but I have found through blocking my own emotions that the most effective remedy at the outset is looking into the face of
difficult emotions, not drowning them in drugs, alcohol, harming others or yourself, suppression, repression or just leaving them alone. You can’t think difficult emotions away. That is the ego’s illusion, an illusion that may cost you your life.

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