Thursday, March 8, 2018

There Is No Block To Abundance And Prosperity

Most people on planet Earth have the mistaken notion that to have abundance and prosperity, one must struggle, strive, suffer and you are either a have or have not. From my revelations and experiences, this is all false and has been perpetrated on the unwitting public for years by greedy rich people who want it all for themselves and the church who wants to control you. These two factions are the ones telling you that you have to stay in your place of lack because it’s more noble and more spiritual. False, from my experience as there is no block to abundance and prosperity! What does this really mean?

What this means is that abundance and prosperity is being choked off from coming to you because of your beliefs about abundance and prosperity. YOU hold off your abundance and prosperity by thinking and feeling lack. You believe you’re not really worth having it all and that having it all is reserved for people who are special or born into it. False. Every human is born with a Divine birthright of guaranteed abundance and prosperity because it is the nature of Creation. Creation doesn’t go broke. It has cycles, yes but it does not go broke, ever. There is enough for everyone as the nature of abundance and prosperity is unlimited, infinite.

How does one get abundance and prosperity? You have to change your thinking and feeling to believing and then knowing that you, not only deserve abundance and prosperity but that you are born with a guarantee to have it. You begin by making yourself think and feel prosperous just as you are. You start to think and feel good about yourself. You start loving yourself for who you are. You start thinking and believing that you deserve to be abundant and prosperous. You start to do things that make you think and feel prosperous. Not matter what level of lack you are at, you can start to make yourself think and feel prosperous by looking within and seeing that you are blessed with life everlasting.

If you have no money, take a penny and put it in your pocket and give thanks, gratitude and appreciation for that abundance and prosperity. Find anything that will make you think and feel prosperous because it is your thoughts and feelings that create your reality. Build on this practice every day, multiple times a day until you believe it. Change what they have brainwashed you with which is that you have to work hard, you have to slave to make it. False. You have to work but not hard, smart. You have to work smart. The first step to working smart is changing your thoughts and feelings to those of one who feels abundant and prosperous.

Once you have changed your perspective, your subconscious mind, which was convinced by you that you were broke, now goes to work to create bringing into your reality actionable people, situations and opportunities as a natural byproduct of your new abundant and prosperous attitude.

I know this to be true as I live it. I am abundant and prosperous. I am a trust fund baby of the Universe.

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