Monday, March 26, 2018

Stop Being Spiritual

I see a lot of spirituality practiced on our planet but what I don’t see a lot of it actually connecting with Spirit. Spirituality is NOT connecting with Spirit. Yes, you can be spiritual but devoid of Spirit. Why is that? From my experience being Spirit having a human experience, Spirit is not spiritual. Spirit just is. To connect with Spirit is a quiet endeavor and it needs no shouting, no celebration, no practices, no rituals. It just needs you to be in the here and now connected with it by first connecting with it in yourself.

Connecting with Spirit in yourself is not a spiritual practice. Being spiritual is just the glamorous trappings that humans  take on and show to let themselves and others know that they are being good little boys and girls and following prescribed ways of spiritual materialism so that they can punch their ticket to heaven, nirvana, enlightenment, etc. It’s all nonsense. For me, being spiritual is accepting and allowing that you are Spirit having a human experience and that Spirit is who and what your really are. The sacred is in allowing Spirit to dwell within you. Period. It doesn’t need a pushcart full of jewels.

Stop the rituals becuase Spirit is not in the ritual, stop the praying, stop the meditation because you don’t touch or invite Spirit in that way. How do you touch and invite Spirit? I have found that you touch Spirit within by being kind to yourself and others, by showing compassion, by stopping being judgemental of others and yourself, by stopping your process of approval of others’ actions, by stopping being a control freak, by stopping comparing yourself to others, by stopping competing with others. Stop all this and just smile at yourself and others and that’s when you’ll find Spirit within you.

Spirit is not something you find. Spirit is already you and connecting with it is simply a matter of looking within and seeing that you are Spirit, right now, right here. Stop being so spiritual. Start being Spirit and have that human experience. That human experience is spiritual in and of itself.

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