Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spiritual Elitism

Spiritual elitism is rife on planet Earth with billions of humans claiming that God is on their side, that their religion in the one true religion where they have co-opted Spirit as theirs and theirs alone. Their mantra is, “God is on my side” which proposes that they actually believe God on their side against other humans. This is a gross falsity as God, Spirit cannot be contained, cannot be owned, cannot be put into the elitist box of being on one person’s “side” and not on another’s. Spiritual elitism is the biggest ego scam humans have perpetrated in the name of Spirit because it suggested that the Spiritual elitist is better than anyone else. It’s simply wrongheaded and false. Spirit belongs to everyone and everything. How do I know this?

I know that Spirit belongs to everyone and there is no such thing as the one “true” religion because Spirit is not religious. Spirit is mystical, experiential not dogmatic, not absolutist and most certainly, not elitist. This comes from my intimate association and connection of being Spirit, being God in human form which everyone and everything is. Spirit exists in all that there is. Spirit is not a thing that can be owned and this is the perceptual mistake of everyone who practices Spirtiual Elitism on Earth. NO ONE IS HIGHER OR BETTER IN THE NAME OF SPIRIT...NO ONE. WE ARE ALL SPIRIT.

To those who say that they practice the one true religion, I say, “stop your spiritual elitism” and start seeing that you are Spirit having a human experience and that same Spirit is in all things. You do not “own” Spirit despite what your so-called books and prophets said.

From my experience with Spirit, Spirit is free from spiritual elitism because it is not ego and like the
practices of all the religions on Earth, Spirit does not practice control, approval, judgement, competition and comparison.

Spirit just is. You cannot contain is-ness.

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