Sunday, March 18, 2018

Seeing Yourself As “Old”

When you tell yourself in your self-talk that you are “old,” you are. You signal to your body to age and die. It’s that simple. I have elected to repeal that belief system of aging, of getting so-called “old” by saying to myself that I am “Elder-ing.” I am an Elder. I sit on the counsel of Elders. I have sorcerer’s energy and therefore I am seen by my own eyes and the eyes of others as young and vigorous.

You may say that I am fooling myself, that I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.  I say to you that what you tell yourself does effect you at the cellular level, at the physical level as your cells are listening. Language carries with it vibration and I have found that when you talk to yourself in higher vibrations, your body changes over time, to reflect  higher vibratory states of being evincing greater health, happiness, peace, laughter, sustenance, balance and harmony. How do you think some people beat disease? They beat it by believing they can and telling themselves they can. They repeat positive affirmations of a higher vibratory nature like “All is Well,” “I Love You,” “I am Healed,” etc.

This is real and it works. I use it every day to combat the negative stereotypical thinking that is conditioned into us by a negative society that believes in “old.” “Old” is a word that holds the vibration of decrepitude. Why would humans want to live as decrepit? Why? It’s because they think and believe they have to. False. Humans can live in great health for a long, long time and not have to die sick with multiple diseases. The actual true story is that the human body is capable of living a long time in great health. I have discovered that the human organism is a thriving, homeostatic organism that is self-replenishing when you do not throw if off balance with too much acidity in the foods and medicines you take in. How you live is key to longevity.

Please understand that I do not discount ANYmodality of healing. Use what is needed for your health but make sure you are not further poisoning yourself with medications and foods and watch how you think. Negative self-talk is the first place to look when you are out of balance, sick, ill and are diseased as everything stems from the mind. I have found that the body speaks the mind. Many ailments stem from soul loss where you have become so spiritually weak that you have allowed your mind and body to be “invaded” by dark forces like viruses, bacteria, etc. A strong mind, emotions and soul CAN influence the strength of the immune system, I have found.

I no longer say “Old.” I say “Elder-ing” or “Youth-ing.” It signals to my body, mind, emotions and soul that I am soaring above the mundane levels of my life. That’s the fountain of youth!!! Drink deeply!!!

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