Monday, March 12, 2018

Sacred Well

In my experience cultivating my connection with Spirit, I have found it very important to and in my life to have a sacred well to draw from. Connecting with Spirit has eased me through testing times and when my life is good, has made it even richer. I have found practices that are soul food to me. Through years of experimentation with ways to enhance my relationship with a higher power and a basic code of ethics, I have discovered the Higher Self within. Why is this important?

This is important because I have found that without a well to draw from, a spiritual well, life can be pretty arid. For me, my spiritual perspective in being Spirit having a human experience has allowed me to see the deeper meanings in life and this helped me to cope, to sustain, to find solace, to see the bigger picture of life’s hidden agenda. I also discovered that it doesn’t matter where you dig your well; as long as you’re sure the water’s clear.

How does one connect with Spirit? May I suggest you set your intention by starting with an affirmation such as this: “I’m opening my heart to Spirit and cultivating sacred awareness. I’m supported by a power that’s infinitely greater than myself.” You can also begin to practice your spiritual connection, getting food for your soul. As the November 2013 One Spirit Book Of Days says, “Spiritual sustenance comes in many guises. Some people find God on the tennis court or dance floor. Some need a temple or cathedral and the traditional trappings of worship. Mountaintops or oceans feed others. A teacher or mentor can help you access a sacred source. So can inspirational readings and practices. Start or deepen a prayer or meditation practice as an ongoing daily support.”

I would also suggest taking on spiritual projects and discover spiritual medicine. I have found that developing a sense of the sacred isn’t just food for the soul: it’s medicine for health and well being.
Belonging to a spiritual community can add seven years to your life, research shows as well as cultivating values like generosity, gratitude and compassion. These values are roads to happiness from my experience.

The bottom line is that spiritual life is lived from the heart. Chant, sing, pray, move-do whatever it takes to raise your life-enriching Force. Find your spiritual, your sacred well and drink deep. I can assure you that you will find sustenance there.

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