Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I talk to Spirit, to God, to the All There Is, to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence every day, multiple times a day in deep thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Spirit for what I have, my experiences, my dreams coming true at its hands. At the end of each thanksgiving, I say Namaste, thank you very much.

I have been doing this thanking of Spirit for a while now. Yesterday, as I was out doing some light
grocery shopping, I was on my way home when I stopped in back of a red SUV at a red light when I saw this word painted in big, white letters on the back of the SUV: N A M A S T E! You may say, so what. Namaste. OK, someone painted that word on their vehicle. I say that there is a reason for everything and that particular Namaste was meant for ME to see as Spirit’s way of answering me back, letting me know that it hears me and saying “Namaste” back to me.

Why I took it as Spirit talking to me is that I believe that Spirit is alive in everything and it has
Intelligence that picks up on our vibes. I am indelibly connected to Spirit. I don’t believe in coincidence, I create synchronicity and that moment of seeing the word Namaste was a synchronous encounter with Spirit giving me a high five, a wink and a nod saying, “I hear you.”

For me, it was a moment of great validation that, indeed, Spirit is alive and that my recognition of Spirit is appreciated by Spirititself. Think what you wish of my encounter with Spirit but for me, it was a thrilling moment as Spirit took the time to let me know our connection is real.

All of us have this connection with Spirit. The question is, are you willing to open the door and see the face of God?

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