Sunday, March 4, 2018

Laws Of Karma #5: Be Formless

“If you may have noticed a happy person around you, you are going to see that the illusion is not controlling them. You will put them in any situation at any place; they are going to be the same calm, as well as content in their mind. So, the fifth and one of the most fundamental laws of Shiva Karma is practicing to be formless like water.” From an extract from a beautiful mythological book, ‘Dev Se Mahadev’ by author Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya.

In relationship to happiness what does this Law of Karma mean “to be formless like water”? To me, it is similar to what is meant by the expression, “home is where the heart is.” To always operate out of your heart with the knowledge that you are a Loving Divine Being wherever you go and that no matter where you go, what you find there, you will always be happy. You bring happy with you for happiness is contained in you and like water, you fill the container, the container of your experience,
no matter it’s shape or size with that happiness that is you.

Nothing transient brings happiness because as human beings we have ego which craves more and more of a thing to make it feel happy in a never ending do loop of self-aggrandizement. In the end, the aggrandizer feels like an empty shell. There is a sense of unfulfillment in always believing more and more of a thing will make you happy.

What is the answer? Be happy first, within yourself and then create your success in the material world. You do this by recognizing that you are already happy as happiness is your birthright. Just look at babies and you will see that they are happy and what do they have: nothing.

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