Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I Am On Earth But Why?

My whole adult life has been spent asking the question, “Why am I here on Earth?” Now, I don’t know the extent to which my contemporary human cohorts ask this question of themselves because it has been a question where there has been very little discussion and answers with other human beings
and I’ve had to go it pretty much alone with a few exceptions. Even though the answer came to me, it has been a relatively solitary path. So, what did I find? Why am I here on Earth?

The answer may surprise you. I am here on Earth because I was invited to be here!!! I am on assignment!!! Well, “Who invited me and what is my assignment?” I am sure you are asking these
$64,000.00 questions. This is not so simple to answer because the answers beg a million more questions but here goes. I was “called” here by the Creator God of this Universe and my assignment is to be present here to lend my frequency vibration to assist the shifting of the consciousness of the
planet and its beings up a note, as in, a higher vibrational frequency. I did not come here to do anything. I came here to be something and that something is present and my being present is my doing. Anything else I have done here has been icing on the cake. I reiterate, my purpose here on Earth is not to do things, even though I have, it is to be myself because I am already
all that I am.

Please understand that my being present on planet Earth does not mean I don’t get to participate as a human life with all its ups and downs, all its complications. When you are in body, you are operated on by all the Cosmic Forces and you know this. However, I am here in a different way than most of humanity. I have a different experience. I don’t have the same ego as humans in that my life has not been spent judging, controlling, approving, competing and comparing, although I have had to navigate those minefields.

My purpose here was just to be here...to be present. To lend my vibration of Unconditional Love, Healing, Wisdom and God Consciousness to a Planet moving up the ranks in its consciousness. It sounds oh so easy but it is a hard assignment, let me tell you. Just imagine coming to a place where everything is diametrically opposed to what you are. Imagine dealing with hate, war, intolerance, greed, ignorance, judging, conditional Love. All I can say is that it felt like and still feels like being an alien in an alien land. Alienated, misunderstood, not appreciated, taken for granted and ostracized.

“How could I stay on this God-forsaken planet.”, you ask? Love. I am a being of Love. The vibration of Love holds no grievances. My soul has no grievances as I checked them at the door when I came to Earth. That does not mean that my ego has not had its struggles but the Avatar I chose to incarnate into was aware enough to overcome the limitations of self and other-self.

Whatever your awareness is of your purpose here on Earth, know that Love has conquered all despite what you see on the News for I, along with many other beings, have completed my assignment. I always do.

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