Sunday, March 11, 2018

Human Personality Is A Mask

Whether you are aware of it or not, your human persona, personality is a kind of mask you wear in the play you create during your human lives. The human drama is a theatrical production in which we humans play out all kinds of scenarios as we are Spirit having a human experience with the accent on EXPERIENCE. It’s just an experience that we are playing at and in for the express purpose of expanding our soul’s awareness. The key way we expand our soul’s awareness is by learning from the ups, the downs, the so-called mistakes we make with ourselves and others as we play in this sandbox called life. If there is a refusal to learn, that’s when the persona, the human personality experiences an existential crises I believe from what I have experienced.

So, what happens during an existential crises? From my perception, an existential crises born of a refusal to learn from life’s ups and downs and expand our soul’s awareness is popularly called “banging your head against the wall.”  This is where you keep having the same learning lessons over and over again. In many cases, they are painful emotionally. Many humans wonder, “why do I keep attracting the same bad people into my life over and over again?” The answer is simple: you keep having the same experience over and over again because you refuse to learn from your initial experience that it is YOU that needs to change in order for you to attract better people in your life. This is where the mask comes in. When we continue refusing to change our ways and learn from our mistakes thereby expanding our soul’s awareness, instead of repeating mistakes ad infinitum, we wear a mask that projects a fake reality, a pretension, a happy, smiley face while inside we are really  steaming with resentment, frustration, anger, etc. all at our own doing. We go around playing pretend by taking on defense mechanisms such as passive/aggressive behavior and wear a mask to show the world we are oh so happy when we are really miserable.

How can we change this and get out of this vicious cycle? You have to change YOU. You have to say to yourself that enough is enough and you don’t want to attract bad people into your life anymore and look at why you take the abuse, etc. I use attracting bad people into your life only as an example. It could be anything you don’t want in your life that keeps happening over and over again.

This principle of facing your fear works as you attract what you are. Are you a fear caller? Remember that the persona/psyche/ego likes the struggle because it believes that’s what brings it alive. Of course life is fraught with its ups and downs but that does not mean you have to suffer. Suffering is not a morally superior condition. It’s better to face your lessons that YOU chose, learn from them and be more authentic rather than wearing a fake mask!!!

You can go on wearing your mask if that’s your choice. The problem is, it’s easy to see through!

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