Saturday, March 3, 2018

How To Render Your Self-Pity Inoperative

I discovered through experience that self-pity is the greatest indulgence of misguided human beings! The idea of feeling sorry for yourself is totally contradictory to taking responsibility for your actions and being conscious of the reality that each human creates their own outcomes, their own reality. Nothing, no one can make you do, be or have anything unless you allow them. Every human is sovereign and every human has purpose by using their intent and potentiality. What is the problem then?

As I perceive it, the problem is that most humans on the planet have given their power over to someone or something else, be it God, Spirit, crystals, people, government, society and actually believe they are powerless. When these people, organizations and objects prove untrustworthy, prove flawed, those that have entrusted their power to these outer realities simply go to self-pity, the place of pity, the “poor me” control drama as a defense mechanism so they don't have to face themselves and the reality that they themselves are responsible for their actions. They are not willing to accept that they have given up their power to a false notion. How does humanity overcome self-pity, how do we render self-pity inoperable?

What I have found is the antidote to self-pity is realizing that in each human is a Creator. Each human has the ability to intend, has potential and these two realities combine to form their purpose. May I suggest that each human resolve to accept that they create their own reality with their thoughts and feelings and instead of blaming something or someone else for their condition or situation, just change their thoughts and feelings if they don’t like them. Yes, change your thoughts and feelings for it is those two things that shape realities. The changes in your reality may not happen overnight so have patience, show determination, show resolve.

What you are is what you think and feel you are!!! You attract into your life what you are. Nothing outside you controls this.

By accepting yourself as the major manifestor of your reality, your life situation, you can then accept the consequences of your actions, good, bad or indifferent and live in a state of grace instead of wallowing in a state of indulgent self-pity.

Pity parties are the domain of those that continue to stay in a state if disempowerment. As hard as it is to not go to the place of pity, it is far, far better than allowing others to determine how you think and feel, I know.

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