Friday, March 9, 2018

Everything Is Energy

Everything is energy, everything. Existence is a complex of energies that acts as energy does: in rhythms and cycles. Energy is a thing that can be harnessed, utilized, manipulated as in shaped and it is shaped by Divine consciousness which human beings possess in natural, great abundance. What are the implications of this?

If humans are Divine Conscious energy in physical format, then we humans also have the ability to shape energy and make it do our bidding. We can shape what we attract, what we experience, what we think, what we feel in every aspect including shaping our physical universe inside and out of ourselves. Think Prospero in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” who could manipulate the elements at will.

Each of us is a Prospero who can shape the weather, our abundance, prosperity and health. We are NOT at the mercy of the elements; we are actually beings who have dominion over our domain, the elements which are energy in the form of physical objects.

The issue is that most of humanity is not willing to believe their power, their ability, that they are energy and they see existence as solidly fixed, not as moving energy but as immovable.

Seeing existence as energy allows us as humans to see that we have power over our lives and life does not have power over us. We are energy movers, energy shapers and we have the ability to move our environment. I know this from experience as I have used energy to change my life for the better. So can you.

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