Monday, March 19, 2018

Every Dimension Is As “Real” As The Physical

I have found and experienced, by delving into them that all Creation, all Existence is perceived in the form of dimensions. Dimension is a word fraught with many connotations and denotations and suffice it to say that a dimension is a place, a construct of consciousness that is “real.” For example, we humans exist in a construct that is “real” to us called the third dimension. It is a dimension of magnified physical experience. There are an infinite number of other dimensions that are just as “real” as this physical one we live in. What does this mean?

It means, first and foremost, that humans are multidimensional and can perceive and exist in other dimensions, not just this physical one. We humans are already experiencing and functioning in many other dimensions but we ignore or refute them based on conditioning and the attendant belief systems this conditioning inculcates upon us. A very good example is the sixth dimension which is what I’ll refer to as the psychic or intuitive dimension functioning in the human body as our human sixth chakra located between our eyes. This dimension is experienced as intuition, psychic phenomena, clairvoyance, etc., yet many humans dismiss this dimension as not real. Yet, I’m afraid to say, it is as “real” as this third dimension that we live in that feels oh so “real” to us.

Located on our physical body are twelve vortices of energy known in Sanskrit as Chakras. These chakras are energy wheels that spin at a level or dimension of energy that connects with our physical reality, sending out information and taking in information. This is how we connect and perceive our reality. Since we contain all these chakras in our body, we humans are multidimensional and can experience from the first to the twelfth dimension while in body. For example, a human can experience Earth, Sex, being Creative, having Will Power, having Heart, being Expressive, being Psychic, being Mystical, being Quantum, being Cosmic. These are dimensions that we can experience and perceive and they are as “real” as our physical dimension.

These dimensions we experience are natural to us since they are in us, a part of us. We can access them and live in them with more awareness when we accept and allow that we are multidimensional beings that can perceive and be in other realities beyond this three dimensional one where we experience a more dense, physical reality.

The significance here is that when you live just in the third dimensions and never venture into the others that you are, you are missing out on major experiences that can fulfill many of your dreams, desires, understandings, knowledge and power as a human. Take it from me as I have explored these
other dimensions and have found great satisfaction in functioning and allowing these constructs to be a part of my human being. So can you!!!

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