Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Divinity Is In The Mind Of The Beholder

There is no Divinity, there is no Sacred, there is no Spirit except for what is in the consciousness of the beholder, that is, how human beings perceive the All There Is, God. The All There Is, God does not perceive itself as, does not see itself as Divine, Sacred, Spiritual. The All There Is, God only IS. It is humans who have created Divinity, Sacredness and Spirituality.

God is not spiritual, God is spirit. Plain and simple according to how I am now perceiving God in myself. What are the implications of this perception?

The biggest implication of this is that the creation of religion and its self-importance is a human creation, not a God creation. God doesn’t care how you perceive God. God just wants you to be you as God created you. All the trappings of religion are just that...trappings. Go and have your trappings but don’t come at me with your self-importance of these trappings. The trappings are meaningless. God doesn’t care about the trappings. The trappings are for you to make you feel better. That’s all.

In my way of perceiving, I am God in form. My mind wants to perceive God and it creates many ways to perceive God. My way of perceiving God is not BETTER than your way of perceiving God. Thinking that your way of perceiving God is better than mine is just egocentric. That egocentricity has nothing to do with Divinity, Sacredness and Spirituality. It has everything to do with the little self, the little man, the persona/psyche/ego which is doing its best to deny, refute, ignore the true nature of its existence and that it is Spirit having a human experience.

Divinity, from my experience with being God also, is in the mind of the beholder of God.

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