Thursday, March 15, 2018

Control Dramas

The domain of the defense mechanism is within the persona/psyche/ego and NOT in the domain of the soul. When you are connected and communicating soul to soul with another human being, there is no need for control dramas in which the ego desires to control, approve and judge.

Control dramas are the latest rage on the egocentric planet Earth, so, here are the four main control dramas that people will evince in order to defend their insecure egos. Watch out for these:

1. Intimidators - these are people are really intimidated by you and will cover up THEIR being intimidated by stealing your energy by threat.

2. Interrogators - these are people who steal energy by judging and questioning. When you are doing things for yourself to get ahead, working on yourself to better yourself, these wannabes will begin by barraging you with questions like, “Why do you have to get pictures for your music page, isn’t that a waste of money?”

3. Aloof people - these people attract attention away from you by playing coy.

4. Poor me’s - these people will make you feel guilty and responsible for them.

These control dramas are ultimately used to take the heat off of those who refuse to be responsible for
their actions and use the above strategies to deflect responsibility for the consequences of their actions away from themselves and onto you. The dramas they perpetrate are simply distractions used to confuse, intimidate, control, approve, judge, compare and compete.

Those people who are successful in the world by taking responsibility for their actions but lack self-worth and self-esteem are vulnerable to these control dramas, allowing the blame for someone else’s lack to be placed on their shoulders.

This leads to soul loss in that the person performing the control drama is siphoning off your energy, a piece of your soul. In some circles, this is referred to as energy vampirism. Don’t allow it. Keep your energy and relate to those who are soulful like you.

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