Saturday, March 10, 2018

Being Spiritual Is Not High And Mighty

I am a high spiritual being. What does this really mean? Does it mean I practice a lot of meditation? Does it mean I live in a temple? Does it mean I reject my ego and the temporal life? Does it mean that I am always positive? While it means a little of all of the above; for me, it really means engaging with the little things in life, the every day living of life and nothing grandiose. Why is that?

This is true for me because I have realized the spiritual in every day living. I experience Spirit, blessings, miracles, synchronicity, abundance, prosperity, peace as every day occurances and not just when I am meditating or when I am in a temple or any other so-called sacred place. You know why? The reason is that I experience sacred space wherever I am because I am sacred space. When I exit the temple, church, mosque, synagogue, I don’t leave sacred space behind because I am living sacred space. Sacred space, the Divine, the spiritual is in me so my experience with both my inside and outside worlds are the same: sacred, Divine, spiritual, Loving, compassionate, kind, strong, disciplined, caring, balanced, harmonized and peaceful.

I don’t turn my spiritual self on and off with thinking or being in a place. I don’t read words in a sacred book like the Bible and then spit on my neighbor. I treat myself just as I treat others and that is as sacred beings worthy of unconditional love. Now, please understand that I am also a flawed human. I may be spiritual and all but I am having a human experience that is rife with the pitfalls of a sensual world of ups and downs. These very pitfalls, I see as spiritual even though they may seem like they are separate from Spirit. They are not. They are simply lower vibrating aspects of Spirit having a temporal experience.

Being human is being spiritual. It is my everyday. It is not high and mighty. It is quietly sacred and in that quietness is a condition called humility which I see as a “quiet confidence.” The quiet confidence that I am Spirit in flesh.

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