Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Being Authentic

I have heard a lot of talk about being “authentic” these days and decided to look into what this means for a human being. Here’s what I discovered looking deep within myself: being authentic is being true to yourself, wanting to be who you are, not wanting to copy anyone or have anyone’s thoughts. You as authentic accept and allow your uniquely individuate persona, psyche, ego, Spirit and Soul to shine through no matter what another human says or thinks, no matter what society says or thinks about you. Being authentic means you live your originality and are not afraid to behave, think, speak, write in a different way from the mainstream or the collective conscious.

Being authentic, I have found, means being a thought leader which means thinking for yourself and not just regurgitating what everyone else says. Your ideas are uniquely your own and you realize that you are not better than anyone else, you are just different and you are OK with that.

Peer pressure, fittting in, being like everyone else, doing what everyone else is doing are the rule of the day in this world, so it is hard to be and find authentic people. There are a few around, not many, I have experienced.

When I meet an authentic person, they are charismatic, interesting, arresting, challenging and intelligent. They have arrived at the point where they know what they think and are not thinking the thoughts they were conditioned to think by religion, society, school, government, etc. Their way of seeing things is unique and they are one in a billion.

Being authentic is by no means easy as everyone around you will try and condition you to be bland,
to be acceptable rather than exceptional, to fit in, to be quiet and to stop being so crazy. To those people who are blah, I say, tosh!!!  I’ma Be Me, for better or worse because I would rather be my authentic self than a carbon copy of an also ran. Why? Because being authentic keeps me in touch with that part of me that continues to seek to grow, to change, to be curious no matter my age. I’d rather stay my different self than be meh. Just me.

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