Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What Do You Do?

People are always asking me, “What do you do?” I am careful these days to not say “nothing” even though I no longer work a traditional job. The reason I don’t say “nothing” is because my presence here on Earth is my job. I am still working. Say what?

Yes, my presence here on Earth is my job. Your presence here on Earth is your job. What does that even mean and what does your presence do? My presence works by creating a vibratory field that effects everyone and everything on Earth since we are all connected. You may not consciously feel me but you are feeling me. I have changed you with the power of my presence which is the presence of Christ consciousness. No, I don’t think I’m Jesus or any other ridiculous thing like that. I am vibrating at the level of Christ consciousness which simply means I am a frequency that is aware of itself as Spirit, God, otherwise known as God consciousness. No, I am not saying I am God. Get over yourself. I am disclosing that my consciousness is intimately connected with the sacred, the All There Is in being a vibrating presence of Spirit in flesh as is everyone. I am just here to remind you of that.

My presence is here to assist with the shift from a dogmatic planet back to an experiential planet. I am not an idea of Spirit, I don’t need a Bible, a sacred text, a Church, Temple, Mosque, Synagogue as I am already Spirit having a human experience that is sacred, holy, spiritual just as I am in presence.

All humans have Spirit in them. All humans are vibrating their sacred presence. The problem is that this reality has been conditioned out of most humans by religion seeking to control humans for the purpose of money and greed. Time to get real and throw off the shackles of the fake. All humans are already spiritual.

Just be present.

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