Wednesday, February 28, 2018

There Are Many Me’s On The Planet

I am not in just one human body on the planet. I am a Cosmic Purpose with a large, aware soul, so I manifest in many human bodies at once.

I didn’t know this until I started meeting myself in the form of other people who were exactly like me but in a different body both male and female. I even dated myself once and it was a very strange experience but very loving and sensual. I am not sure of how many me’s I have met but I know of two that I had actual platonic and romantic relationships with. Suffice it to say that it teaches you a great deal about yourself.

What are the signs that tipped me off that these people were me? Let’s just say that we were the same in every way and I mean every. How often do we meet people that like everything we do, behave as we do, think like we do, feel as we do and are the same astrological group as we are? I’m sorry but it’s rare and it has happened to me.

It took me a while to realize these people were me and it turned my perception of what the soul is and can do on its head. Imagine that the same soul is capable of inhabiting more than one body at a time. I mean, there could be thousands of me’s out there. Can you imagine a room full of you’s having a party?

I know this sounds funny but it’s real. I have met myself in the form of another person and I can tell you that it changes your perspective on life to one of realizing that there is much, much more to this human experience than we account for. There’s a whole lot out there and in here we still don’t grasp.

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