Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Society Of Eat Or Be Eaten

American society has shown itself in all these mass shootings over these years to be a society of eat or be eaten. What does this mean? This is simply a reference to the reptilian brain that still operates as a part of the human lower brain. I sometimes refer to it as “lower ego.” This part of the human brain has shown dominance in our society when we seek to solve our existential angst by shooting others and ultimately ourselves. What is at the basis of this?

In my experience, this is the national tragedy of not parenting our reptilian ego. There is a level of our society that condones violence with its video games, movies, TV series, wars, militarized police state, gang violence, political bickering, political divisiveness, bullying and increasing economic stress leading to mental imbalance. To me, it’s a spiritual crises born of an imbalanced ego that seeks to eat or be eaten,  an imbalanced emphasis on materialism over soul.

How do we reclaim our sanity? We reclaim our sanity by parenting our out-of-control egos and by becoming more soulful. This must be taught by parents and leaders to our children from the earliest age. Teach them about spiritual values like compassion, Love, peace, tolerance, kindness, harmony and how to parent their egos by knowing the difference between the voice of the ego and the voice of soul. The voice of ego is easy to recognize: comparing, competitive, controlling, judging, approving and eat or be eaten at all costs. Please realize that I am not advocating the diminishment of the ego. We need our ego to survive in this world. I am talking about parenting the ego by making it your best friend and by being its boss, always showing it the higher road.

Out-of-control egos in many cases, egos that are so self-absorbed that they can only see themselves and have no compassion lead to obsessive-compulsive disorders and other mental health issues like psychopathy, narcissism, sociopathy and others.

I believe that moving from ego-centered thinking to soul-centered thinking is a part of what American society can do to lessen its focus on eat or be eaten, when that mindset, that mentality is not what is called for in the daily living of a people. Some of it is Ok like in competitive sports, etc.

Going into a school and shooting people is not going to assuage a imbalanced, out-of-control, unparented ego. That imbalanced ego is not just a sign of that individual’s fragile mental health but of the health of the society as a whole. It is time to bring back spiritual values into our conscious awareness. Keep our ego intact but work with it so that it doesn’t behave like a bull in a china shop!!!

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