Monday, February 19, 2018

Humans, Multidimensional Souls

From my thousands of lives I have lived on planet Earth, the one central reality I have come to accept, live and function in is that I am a soul that is multidimensional by nature and is having a physical experience. Like the many other dimensions I experience, being in the physical realm I inhabit as human is one of those dimensions.

There is much misunderstanding about dimensions and being multidimensional so I will add some clarity. A dimension is a place that our awareness perceives that is defined by its level of consciousness. For example, on the Earth realm, we are perceiving, in a consciousness that is a three dimensional level where everything is magnified for our awareness to apprehend. We experience, in this third dimension, aspects like physical birth, death, money, security, physicality, physical relationships, work and other base vibrational realities. As we ascend to higher dimensions, we also experience realities but they are not as densely physical. For example, when we are in the fourth dimension, we experience the consciousness of flow. We experience how a reality can be defined by things coming together with ease as in the flow of a river.

Living as a human, we live also as a soul that has a multidimensionality of it’s own. The soul can function in many dimensions, many realms. We do this every day without being aware of it. For example, during a day, we can perceive sexual, creative energies, Love energies, truth energies, mystical energies, Spirit energies, etc. These are dimensions. These are realms of consciousness. These are places of perception.

You cannot be human and not experience your multidimensional soul...impossible!!! What has happened is that you have been conditioned by society and religion not to believe you are multidimensional even though you are having the experiences of being so.

The best way to start to understand and begin to function as who you really are, is by studying your chakras which are the energy vortices you are endowed with in your body that mirror your multidimensional soul. Your body has seven physical chakras and five nonphysical chakras that function as your multidimensional encoders and decoders.

There is nothing to refute here or be afraid of. Every human is multidimensional because it has a soul. That soul that you are desires expression and wishes to function in its natural multidimensional way. Let it. I have explored my chakras for 20 years and I have benefited by understanding how to use them for better health, happiness, peace, awareness, balance, harmony and Love. You can too!

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