Sunday, February 25, 2018

Glamour Of Love Vs. Unconditional Love

I was fortunately blessed in life that I fell in Love a number of times with incredible women  including with my significant other. This was requited Love and I discovered over the arc of my relationship with my wife that our initial falling in Love with each other was the glamour of Love.

As we grew and matured in our relationship, our Love became unconditional Love which is quit different from the Glamour of Love. In the glamour of Love, it is an idea of how you feel and it’s mostly about yourself and is conditional. Unconditional Love, I found from my experience with my significant other, was a Love that sprang from our souls that was more than sex, hearts, flowers and sentimentality.

As we loved each other unconditionally, our souls came together as one and the feelings we had were a mutual acceptance for what each other was, warts and all. From this unconditional Love sprang caring, compassion, kindness, appreciation, consideration, support, understanding and genuine concern. This doesn’t mean that our relationship was perfect and that we didn’t have disagreements and arguments, we did. Our unconditional Love for each other made these difficult times minor quibbles through which we always came back to balance. I can tell you that this is real because I lived it.

Please understand that I am not downplaying the glamour of Love. Falling in Love is beautiful, wonderful, fantastic but it is not the true meeting of souls where unconditional Love springs from.

A soul to soul relationship with a beloved is soulful and in that soulful Love there are no grievances.

Love holds no grievances.

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