Saturday, November 11, 2017

Numerologically, I Am The Master Number 11

My Beingness is the Master number 11. That makes me a Master and major manifestor. This is not some thought up fakery as I have lived and experienced this in my life as in I have manifested all my desires in life. The number is also a representation of my presence as a creator, expressor and manifestor and that is precisely why I embodied at this time on Earth: to exemplify to unconscious humanity that they are also creators, expressors and manifestors.

You may want to know how this presented in my life, so let me tell you. I was always creative with creative ideas, the ability to write, sing, act, mime and publicly speak. I expressed from the age of 5 as a singer and began acting and singing at age 13 in Junior High School. When I got to High School, I was in all the plays, talent shows, speaker’s bureau, musicals, choruses and variety shows. I gave speeches in JHS and HS. In college, I continued with creative writing, acting, singing and miming. I achieved my dream of seeing the best theatre in New York, LA and Las Vegas and then being a part of it. I also achieved my dream of being an artist living in Greenwich Village in New York. I had many beautiful girlfriends who were musicians, actresses and dancers, one of whom became my wife. I became an account executive in radio media sales, made lots of money and had all the accouterments money could buy. I supported my family in every way. I have a talented, smart, successful son and my wife became a highly awarded High School Theatre teacher. We saw dozens and dozens of the best shows in the world in Las Vegas, Nevada where we live. This life I manifested as the major manifestor I am.

I am here to tell you that you are ALL creators, expressors and manifestors. For some reason, you have allowed yourself to be convinced that you don’t have these powers. You do have them, in spades. If you live in poverty, in lack, you need to see that you don’t have to.

Resolve to turn yourself into the creator, expressor and manifestor you are by first accepting that you really are this. Brush off that you have been told you are not. I am living proof that humans have the capacity to be major manifestors. I can prove all that I have said here because it’s true, I have done and experienced it.

You have just read the wisdom of an Ascended Master. Many blessings.

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