Wednesday, November 15, 2017


To be carefree in life does not mean careless, not caring or blasé about one’s life and experiences. It’s just the opposite and is an important distinction to appreciate for one’s ultimate happiness.

Carefree denotes an attitude of being free from obsession and worry and having the inherent understanding and knowledge that all is well and that everything has already worked out. It also denotes the zen-like approach to life called loving-detachment. It is not a couldn’t-care-less attitude but a more careful approach to life that says that one is responsible for one’s actions. It is when you care enough to see that compassion is the answer, not compunction.  When you are carefree, everything is approached with care but a care that knows you did your best so your conscience is clear. This is being true to yourself.

I see my carefree state of being as an essential ingredient in my ultimate happiness. I am free from anxiety and depression because I have put care into all I am and do. I am well aware of myself and other self. I am aware that we are all connected so my carefree attitude is not based on estrangement. It is based on connection. I am carefree in the knowledge that you and I are exactly where we need to be on our spiritual path and journey and there’s no reason for me to judge you, approve of you or control you. This goes for myself as well.

Live a carefree life but carefree in the sense that you have addressed all your cares and that your cares don’t own you.

This will insure that you are truly happy.

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