Friday, October 13, 2017

Is It My Way Or The Highway?

I perceive that many, including me, hold onto their cherished beliefs with such fixation that when these beliefs are challenged, there is a severe reaction of the personality showing in bluntness, being outspoken, stubborn, dogmatic, domineering and condescending. I have found that this severe reaction causes great resentment in others. This fixation with beliefs is, in my view, the major reason for divisiveness on the planet. What to do?

I have found that using the open mindedness of the wisdom true to my inner self is a great help in hearing out others' beliefs and staying in loving-detachment when these beliefs differ from my own. I listen, I weigh, I decide, I move forward with a new understanding of how others perceive whether I take on anything new in agreement or not.

It is not always easy to stay in the Zen space when others are so zealous in their beliefs that they want to kill you. My response to those who are obsessed is to stay out of their field of influence. I do not engage with them. They will not hear me anyway and I do not wish to argue with them.

In my domain, it is not my way or the highway. In my domain, it is, I am on my highway and you are on your highway. Enjoy your Highway and please don't encroach on my Highway.

If you are hellbent on destroying my Highway, I will not be there.

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