Sunday, September 17, 2017

What Do You Tell Yourself?

Whatever you tell yourself that you believe can limit you depending on your consciousness and awareness. These are called limiting beliefs. For example, if you tell yourself that "money is the root of all evil," it will be that for you and your experience with money will manifest around that limiting belief. You will most likely experience lack of money. Money itself has no value emotionally or morally except for the value we humans put into it!

It is a cautionary tale I convey here to be more aware of what your belief systems are and whether your consciousness and awareness is keeping you believing ideas that limit your life experience.

Where do these beliefs that we take on that limit us come from? They come from our upbringing, from parents, neighbors, friends, teachers, religious figures, bureaucratic figures like our government and other people we meet along the way that we allow to convince us of certain beliefs that we take on and never question!

These beliefs can range from "money is bad," and "I'm too old for," to "I am bad at," and "these are the end times." In my experience, nothing is true unless you allow it to be true for you. That's where your consciousness and awareness come in as your level of consciousness and awareness will keep you at a certain level of belief that holds you in a certain place.

For example, believing that someone or something is going to save you and the world from yourself is a low consciousness level belief system. When you raise your consciousness to higher levels, you will see that taking responsibility for your own actions and accepting the consequences of your actions with grace is more freeing than believing that there's someone or something you are beholden to that will save you from your excesses. Blaming your life on Jesus, God, the Universe, your spouse, your parents, your childhood are limiting beliefs that hold you back from growing your awareness. When you stay in the awareness of blame, you are in a limited belief system. You agree that nothing is your fault and that your actions are not your own. He did it, you tell yourself! You point your finger at others instead of yourself.

The blame game belief system thinking is the worst human affliction that has caused untold suffering on our planet. It limits humanity from taking responsibility for its actions.

Change what you tell yourself, what you believe and that will be the start of changing your limited life. The true state of human awareness is unlimited.

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