Saturday, September 30, 2017

Precepts For Parents I Use And Am Still Learning

Parenting. A role that is critical, pivotal and difficult because it must be done with care, mindfulness and Love if we want our children to be positive, contributing adults. I most recently discovered these 10 precepts by John Becvar from his article in Lion's Roar/November 2017 entitled, "10 Precepts for Parents." I have used, still learning to use these and I thought to share them with you:

 1. Affirm life; do not kill. Never kill the spirit of your child with an ego power trip over them.

2. Be giving; do not steal. Be generous with your love and time for your children.

3. Honor the body; do not misuse sexuality. Be dutiful and transparent with your partner. Your children pick up on this.

4. Manifest truth; do not lie. Do not hide the truth of the world from your children but offer them a safe refuge.

5. Proceed clearly; do not cloud the mind. Maintain sobriety around your children, not intoxication.

6. See the perfection; do not speak of others' faults and errors. Don't teach your children to ruminate on failures but use them as learning opportunities.

7. Realize self and other as one; do not elevate oneself and blame others. Let your child fulfill their own potential, not yours.

8. Give generously; do not withhold. Place limits on your child's consumption but teach them how to take joy in giving and generosity.

9. Actualize harmony; do not be angry. In being a peaceful parent, one composes oneself in bouts of anger while coming to solutions that foster harmony and unity.

10. Experience the intimacy of all things. This is about supporting our children through all of life's joys and sufferings.

As the Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says, "No mud, no lotus." "What could be muddier than our role as parents as we vow to be responsible for the needs of another human being? This is about offering the best of ourselves to them, knowing full well we will be far from perfect as parents."

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