Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DNA Is Spirit

Human Scientists have long espoused that their research has proven that there are three strands of DNA and that the rest they have looked at is "junk" DNA. Has no value. From my perception and experience as a Beingness who is aware of his soul journey through the arc of Cosmic infinity, I am aware that I carry with me, from form to form and format to format, human or otherwise, more than 12 strands of DNA AND THEY KEEP GROWING. How do I know that AND why is that?

I know that because my DNA carries all my lives and the information from them that I express and remember from lifetime to lifetime. I remember past civilizations on Earth I was a part of. I remember esoteric knowledge and skills garnered from many, many lifetimes that are now active and usable. All of this resides in my DNA and when I come into form and format, I can call on these things as they reside in me. DNA IS SPIRIT. I can carry my DNA from Universe to Universe, from a Galaxy to Galaxy across the Cosmos. How does my DNA travel with me? It travels as Light which is information within my conscious energy Matrix. The reason my DNA is of Spirit and keeps expanding to add more strands is this is my Spirit's way of saving the information I have been made aware of from the millions of persona/psyche/ego I have been in all my lifetimes. I am all the people I have ever been right now and that person is a being who has major and minor expressions that continue on, wherever I am in the Cosmos.

Scientists will discover the true nature of "junk" DNA and it will be a major discovery that shows that we are Spirit having a human experience and our humanness is contained in Spirit not our Spirit in our humanness. Our DNA is not physical. Our DNA is Light which saves and contains our programming, that is, our genes, our heredity. It appears as material matter when we embody but it is really stardust, meaning it is consciousness and yes, the Cosmos is conscious.

This has staggering implications for our human society because it breaks the limited thinking of our species that we are nothing more than physical creatures in a completely limited body.

We are so much more.

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