Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blue Ray Being

I am a Blue Ray being, not a Blue Ray doing. What this means is that my beingness vibrates the consciousness of the Blue Ray frequency. My soul is here on Earth to BE not to DO. My soul doesn't care what job or career I have and it won't matter to me when I'm dead. What my soul cares about is my being while I'm in body. If I'm not being the Blue Ray being in body that I came here to be, I'm wasting my life.

In being my Blue Ray being, it is important that I am the qualities of my Blue Ray being soul which are Love, Healing and Wisdom. If I am not these aspects, I am not who I am. I am the shadow of who I am and I will evince negative behaviors to make up for my being unconscious. I will be a fake doing things to fill a hole in my beingness.

This is important for everyone in body on Earth at this time. Being who you were meant to be here is your most important task. It is NOT keeping up with the Joneses, having more prestige than someone else, etc. That being said, there's nothing wrong with having abundance while you are being who you really are if you don't identify with the abundance as YOU. You are not the house, clothes, car, job, wife, children, girlfriend, family that you manifest. You are the Being you came to Earth to be. That comes first.

It takes effort to be who you really are. To me, that effort is worth everything. To begin the process of discovering who you really are and being it (if you don't already know), begin by asking the questions, "Who am I?," "Why am I here?," "What am I doing here?" These questions will lead you to finding out your being.

Remember, your true reason for your life is not your doing, it's your being. Your being is your doing. That does NOT mean that when you are aware of your being that you do nothing with your human life. It simply means that you don't identify who you are with your job. You identify who you are with your being. If you're not aware of who you are, you can't be it, you won't be it. Awareness is the key.

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