Saturday, August 19, 2017

You Don't Have To Die To Go To Heaven

Our human species keeps asking the perennial questions, "Where is Heaven" and "How do I get there"? Heaven seems to be a place where many people want to go and they believe they go there after death if they have been good while on Earth. I am convinced that Heaven is not a place, you don't get there by doing anything AND you don't have to die to arrive there.

Let me explain. I have become aware of Cosmic Laws. These are ineffable ways or operating procedures of the Cosmos that operate on everyone and everything. The Cosmic Law that pertains to the consideration of our understanding of Heaven is "As above, so below. As below, so above." What this Cosmic Law posits is that the Earthly life and Heavenly life are reflections of each other. The way it is in Heaven is the way it is on Earth with the opposite also being true. In my perception of this Law, Heaven is a human being's connectedness to Spirit and the Earthly life mirrors the nature of this spiritual connectedness and vice versa.

Heaven and Hell are your consciousness level. If you are disconnected from Spirit while alive on Earth, in separation consciousness, that is Hell. If you are one with Spirit, you are in Heaven. Heaven and Hell are not places as humans understand them. They are consciousness constructs that we feel, we experience as a "place" and whether we are dead or alive, we can experience Heaven and Hell because our consciousness doesn't die.

Whatever has been our consciousness on Earth, whether we've been connected or disconnected from Spirit, continues after our Earth experience and this is where, I believe, this mistaken notion of needing to die to go to Heaven or Hell comes from.

So, in my paradigm, if you want to go to Heaven right now, you needn't die. You just have to connect with Spirit or you can call it the Heavenly Father, God, The Universe, The Creator, etc. Connecting  to the spiritual force puts you into Heaven right here, right now or your disconnection puts you into Hell. It is a being something. If you want to be in Heaven, be Spirit. You are being spiritual or you are being hellishly soulless. You have a choice, you know.

As above so below. As below, so above.

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