Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yes, Not Yes

In my experience, human beings are major manifestors solely responsible for their own creations. There is no outside being or force providing, giving to you. There is no Lord, no God, no Universe that says yes or no to your wants, needs or desires. No Being holds humanity back from its desires to move forward, to enjoy abundance. It is you, the human being giving to yourself.

Please understand that which a human being is is in everything. Everything is made of the same stuff: the God Force. You can call it the God Force, God, the Universe, the Lord, Creative Source, Infinite Intelligence or a billion other names. That which is your God essence aligns with the God essence around you and when there is a vibrational match, when you are in resonance with the God Force, you manifest or not manifest, it answers you back with yes or not yes, never a no! There is no such thing as no in absolute reality, only in relative reality. Humans create no, the God Force does not.

Why do humans have difficulty believing that they are responsible for their actions and can manifest what they desire in their lives? From what I observe, it's because they have been conditioned by religion, schooling and society not to believe it. Their imaginations have been diminished as if their imaginations aren't real. They have given up their power to a false construct, to an ideation that isn't real that says they are disempowered.

The way human beings can take back their manifesting power is to believe in their ability to intend a reality to come forth. That's what manifesting is, a calling forth. This calling forth is a human being aligning with, being in resonance with the creative energies inside and outside by feeling that which is desired as already being a reality. It's a feeling engendered by thought, intention.

Remember, you can use this power to manifest and be aware that it answers you as yes and not yes. Allow those ideas, those beliefs that say you are powerless to be released from your consciousness. For whatever reason, there will be times that you receive your calling forth and sometimes not. That does not mean never. It means not now. No is not in the consciousness of the God Force.

Manifesting is aligning, is being in resonance, is a magnetic attractive force where that which is inside is a match with that which is outside. It is not, as you have been made to believe, evil, scary, the devil, witchcraft, spooky, blasphemous, wrong, bad, etc. Human beings are natural manifestors, meant to manifest positive desires, to attain, to bring about abundance, not to be broke, abject sufferers.

To live in lack is a lie!

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