Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What's The True Anxiety Of Living?

We've got a lot of anxious humans on the planet. What is at the basis of this anxiety? From my own experiences with anxiety, it comes down to the anxiousness we humans feel about having the awesome power of our free will. We are anxious about having the free will to make our own choices and fear making the wrong ones because we don't want to or don't know how to face what we perceive as negative consequences of our choices with a sense of grace. We want to make only so-called good choices or we want the things and life around us to co-exist with us in what we perceive to be good choices. We don't want our loved ones to suddenly die, we don't want to fail at an undertaking, we don't want to make the wrong choice about our lovers, health, schooling, friends, career, etc. These choices make us anxious. How can we alleviate our anxiety?

Free will is our ability to choose one path over another, to make a decision we believe is the right one. Guess what? There is no right path, there is no right decision. The direction we decide to go in carries no emotion, it just is. It is our reaction to the consequences of our choices that causes anxiety. It is how we feel about having free will and the fact that we know there will be consequences and not wanting to face up to dealing with those consequences if we deem them negative, uncomfortable, wrong, hard, fearful, etc.

The truth is, we are supposed to fail, we are supposed to make mistakes. Having free will is not bout being perfect. It's about being messy. When we recalibrate our perception of failure to see it as a teaching, we can diminish our stress.

Life is not about a moral valuation of seeing choices as good and bad, it's about being impeccable in one's approach to life situations. Impeccable is about how one handles oneself after making a decision, good or bad. When you handle yourself with grace in the face of the consequences of your decisions, that's impeccability. Handling yourself that way reduces anxiety and stress because you don't put a moral stance into the situation, you don't perceive it as either or. It just is. No emotion. You take the situation you created with a grain of salt. You learn from it and move on.

The true anxiety of living is beating yourself up for not knowing how to handle your powerful free will. You handle your free will by being impeccable, not by being anxious and stressed out. Behaving impeccably always errs to the side of caution. Make no mistake, this is not sociopathic, psychopathic or unfeeling.  It is behaving with control of your feelings. Time to grow up.

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