Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Happens When You So-Call "Awaken"?

Awakening. What is the spiritual meaning of this and what happens when you awake? Being one who came to Earth already awoke but who had to navigate a sea of dense, unawakened humans, a sleeping society of unaware humans, I have a deep sense of what happens when humans awake as I had to constantly recondition myself out of being constantly bombarded by thoughts, ideas and beliefs that were very low in Vibration. I had to remember to stay awake, aware, of the high consciousness I Came Here with. Not easy.

These are ten signs, if you will, that I experienced that made me realize that I was awake and these will happen to you if you are now awakening:

1. You'll be more in the flow of life and allow life to happen instead of forcing it to happen.

2. You'll have more feelings of being indelibly connected to others and to nature.

3. Your interest in conflict will be diminished.

4. You will no longer be interested in interpreting the actions of others.

5. You will relinquish judging yourself and others.

6. You lose the ability to worry.

7. You love unconditionally with no expectation of return.

8. You will gain a perspective of seeing the bigger picture.

9. You become aware of the Cosmic Laws that operate all realities.

10. You come to see that you and you alone have the power to change yourself and the world.

These powers are already in you. They only "appear" when you come to an awareness of them. That's what awakening is; the awareness of the higher nature of our existence that operates with or without your conscious awareness. When you are unconscious of the above realities, you are asleep. When you are living these awarenesses, you are of higher consciousness. Your vibratory frequency is raised. You are attuned to a finer reality. I know because I am.

Being awake is not being greater or better than. It is a different level of reality. One in which you as both the observer and observed have greater power in having the life you choose. I have found it to be more enjoyable than chaos.

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