Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Until You Are Aligned With Spirit, You Know Nothing

Being Spirit, aligning with Spirit is the knowing. When you live as Spirit, then you truly know. If you are disconnected from Spirit, and believe all you are is a material being that dies, you literally know nothing. What is it that you know?

Accepting and being Spirit puts you in touch with your authentic Self and knowing and being that Self is the key to inner and outer true knowledge of the reality and meaning of existence. The reality and meaning of existence is that we are all creative beings capable of a dance of manifestation we call life that goes on in the infinite now. We can be anything we desire.

The knowledge that who you really are is Spirit is that vital knowing that you are unlimited and that is what you bring to your incarnations. That's all the knowledge you need.

When you live with the knowledge, as a human, that there are no limitations, anything is possible. You don't live with a lack of self-worth. You don't live in lack. All there is is at your beck and call.

Stop being a Know-nothing. Connect with Spirit now. Don't wait. It is waithing for you on the other side of that door. Once on the other side, all is available to you. All. No limitations.

That's the truth.

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