Friday, August 18, 2017

The "Universe" Is You And It Has No Restrictions

All that is, is you. Your reality, your perception is an inside experience. There is no outside of you because what you experience as you is how you interpret the sensations, the stimuli, the thoughts, the feelings inside you. The term "Universe" as used to mean "out there" is misguided because there is no out there. There is no "Universe" out there. YOU are the "Universe" and, surprise, it (you) has no restrictions. You are an unlimited being.

Let me explain how this works. Each of you is a self-contained cell, spark, piece of the "Universe," God, the Creator and as such, you have God consciousness within you. The issue of being "separated" from this reality, i.e. that you are not God in form and just a lump of clay, that you are not a piece of the "Universe," is based on the ego driven conditioning of society that willfully refuses to realize that it is God in human form. Once you as your human self have realization that YOU are the "Universs," that you are a spark of the Creator, you match the Vibration of The All That Is, God and become like it. At this level of realization, of being, YOU HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS because God essentially is without restrictions, without limitations. See what I mean?

How can you be the "Universe" and live with no restrictions? You must start by examining your thoughts, your beliefs, your conditioning. For example, if you believe there is no soul and that when you die the lights go out and that's it, you must re-examine this belief. It's a limiting belief. If these are limited within you then you must begin to let go of these binding realities that keep you restricted from being all that you are and having all you need and desire.

This is not some spiritual Love and Light crowd puffery by any means. It is real. I should know as I have had realization that I am a piece of God and live an unlimited life. Please understand that being human is not perfect. I am not perfect as a human being but I am with myself, my God Self AND All There Is in creating a life where all my dreams have come true.

I have no restrictions and my grace guides me to be impeccable with that power.

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