Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Spirit Is Real, Not A Ghost Story

Most humans don't believe in Spirit. When confronted by Spirit, most humans run like scared rabbits. Why is this? From what I observe, most humans are conditioned by society to identify solely with, to see as the only reality, their physicality, the material world. This is so ingrained in most humans, that the mere thought of there being a spiritual component to their human experience scares the bejeezus out of them. This frightening portrait of the Spirit world is further inculcated into them by the false Hollywood horror, ghost, ghoul, zombie genre. Then you have the false ideations of religion that Spirit is "out there" somewhere and the great false hold-overs of the misguided Newtonian and Cartesian scientific models that posit humans as machines with no souls.

What do you do if you are beginning to awaken and find to your shock that Spirit is real? I would advise those who are beginning to be touched by Spirit to go slow. If you are starting your aware, conscious connection to Spirit, I suggest you begin a basic meditation regimen, you start reading basic spiritual texts and start allowing yourself to open up to Spirit's prompting by allowing society's false narrative ingrained in you to slowly drop away. Release it from your beingness by turning what you identify with as the material world to the Spiritual world. You are Spirit in form and it is you talking to you. Pay attention.

There are no evil spirits that can control you if you are aware and have your own spiritual strength. Evil spirits are simply dark energies that want what they want for themselves alone. You can alleviate yourself of these spirits by commanding them to leave your field of influence if they are not there to benefit you and are not there in the power of Love. Don't be afraid to speak to them.

Do not be afraid to face Spirit. It is all around us, in everything. When you come to Spirit with Love, with peace, with gratitude, that's how Spirit will come to you. I know this from experience.

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