Sunday, August 13, 2017

I Was Not Born, I Do Not Die...I Am

I was never born, I never died...I Am. This deep truth that escapes many is at the core of what our true existence is all about. There is no birth or death. When your soul has come to completion with its Avatar, it moves to its higher realm beyond the physical and the avatar is put to rest. The real you moves on to another avatar if that is its destiny. There is only what I like to call a continuum of everlasting life where souls come and go as physical avatars in a continuing journey of soul maturation, soul experiencing for the sole purpose of expanding your soul's awareness. Existence is an awareness game.

The soul that inhabits your avatar does not care about time. It does not know time as time is a human avatar invention, an ego invention to make it seem like you are going from point A to point B. There are no points. There's only here and now where your soul exists but it creates an avatar that has what I call an actionable ability in a denser vibrating reality called human Earth existence. This actionable experience happens in an instant, in a flash, a burst of energy. It's like a firefly's light flickering on and off. The avatar creates a sense that this is happening over years. It is not and when you come and go as your soul does from body to body, it is still YOU (YOUR SOUL) taking on avatar after avatar in the here and now moment and there is no birth or death, just coming and going. You I AM is a continuum.

This I AM that you are is the real you, not the bodies you take on for this experience. The bodies you take on are secondary to your soul's desire to use them to gain expanded awareness. This awareness is what your soul desires to learn.

There is no birth and there is no death. That is all made up. The truth is you are a continuum of growing awareness. I AM THAT I AM is the core truth of all existence.

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