Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Am A Healer. Here's How I Know.

I am a healer. The following signs of my power were revealed to me over time and they have been consistent and enduring. If you evince these signs, you too have healing powers:

1. People often say how calming it is to be around me.

2. People who are physically close to me rarely get sick.

3. I am always thinking about how to improve other people's lives.

4. I could easily be diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.

5. I am an ultra-sensitive Empath.

6. My family has a history of healers.

7. When I am out in the public, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

8. Animals are happy to see me and I have a very deep connection with them.

9. Most strangers tell me their life story.

10. Even though I've had no training for it, I am great at massages.

11. I usually have neck and shoulder pains.

12. I love being outdoors. Staying indoors makes me anxious.

13. I am attracted to crystals and their metaphysical properties.

14. I am interested in spiritual sciences like energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture and others.

15. My high level of awareness makes me super-sensitive to certain foods and drinks.

16. Sometimes I get random chills or warmth radiating from my core and my palms tingles.

The above signs are no longer signs for me. They are what I live, what I experience. I am a healer by nature. I don't have to do anything, take any seminars or get a teacher. My presence heals. That my presence heals is validation for and of the true nature of the state of all humans. A healed state. Being out of balance is a choice.

I choose a healed state.

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