Monday, August 14, 2017

How Not To Dampen Your Creativity

I'm a creative. I always had and still have the ability to come up with creative ideas very easily and to be prolifically creative in my life which I channeled into my acting career and my media sales career and now channel into my spiritual musings, etc. While the creative spirit is strong in me, it can be dampened through my own mishandling of my creative energies, my thinking. I was reminded of those things that can diminish my creativity from an article in and I can relate to every one of them. I suggest you read the entire article entitled, "9 Toxic Habits That Are Killing Your Creative Thinking." Here are the nine things to be aware of that can dampen your creativity:

1. Surrounding yourself with "takers."

2. Mindless thumb scrolling.

3. Clinging to your past.

4. Trying to be original.

5. Feeling like the world owes you something.

6. Thinking things should unfold in a linear way.

7. Riding the bandwagon.

8. Thinking so big that you paralyze yourself.

9. Searching for guarantees.

Creativity is a strength and it can be a weakness if you allow the above influences to stymie you. The flow of creativity is constant, I have found. It is limitless. Creative limitations are self-inflicted and come from what we allow to negatively influence our creative thinking. Watch out for the above killers.

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