Friday, August 11, 2017

Connecting To Soul On All Levels

At first, I was not aware that I was connecting to everyone and everything on a soul level. It was disconcerting as a little boy because I saw two beings in people, their ego avatar and their real Self, their soul. Everyone was beautiful to me except when their ego would behave badly. When I experienced their ego nature, it frightened and disappointed me. I often acted out because of it.

Connecting to soul on all levels allowed me to have the most incredible relationships because I connected to people on a deeper, soul level. We related in soulful ways. I saw their true nature and it was always beautiful and awesome. I believe that there were many who defined themselves too much through their ego and with these people, I did not find a deeper connectedness because they were shut off in a way. They also found me threatening.

I then experienced connecting to the soul of animals and nature and then to everything including houses, art, cities, clothes, planets, kingdoms, minerals, crystals, ideas, etc. This awareness then finally allowed me to stay connected to loved ones who had died because I discovered that since I had been relating to their souls while they were in body, I could relate to their souls while they were out of body.

I know that my ability to connect to souls on all levels is why I can connect to people (souls) in the dream time. When I dream, I am in a real place where I am connecting to those who I knew in life and playing out scenarios of our choosing where things are communicated. I wake up remembering these communiques and analyze them for their meaning to me.

In life and in death, I connected to my wife's soul. That is the reason I can easily connect with her in the dream time. I did this just the other night. She behaved and said something to me that she had maintained while she was in body: "I don't want to discuss splitting with you. There is no splitting. We are together forever. When you are on this planet, I am your one, whatever form I am in." She laughed. I understood.

This level of awareness is not prevalent on Earth. It is needed. May I suggest you dig deep within and begin to open this soul-connecting awareness in yourself as soon as possible. Start by loving yourself unconditionally. When peace comes, your soul will knock. The knock of your soul will awake you.

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