Saturday, August 12, 2017

As I Walked Out, I was Glowing

All of my experiences with Spirit are visceral and experiential. Those days of spirituality being in my head as an idea are long over. When I talk about Spirit, I am talking about sensual and emotional experiences where I actually see Spirit with my physical eyes and feel Spirit with with physical body. This is because I am in my Light body which means I have upgraded my incarnated experience where I am in the Spirit world AND the physical world at the same time.

Let me exemplify this for you. Last Wednesday, I had lunch with a friend. As I walked out of the restaurant, I saw an immediate glow around me where everything was brighter and I felt elated, calm, peaceful and so good. This was a more heightened sensation than I have felt heretofore. It was overwhelmingly noticeable and I experienced it continually for about five minutes as it then subsided.

Believe me when I tell you that I asked myself if this was imaginary or the sun was brighter or that I had been in a dimly lit restaurant. The most convincing aspect of this happening was how I felt. I felt incredible, like I was glowing or as if there was a bubble around me that was shining like a star.

I realize now that this was me experiencing my Light body. My Light body is my Higher Self aspect that is now fully operational and out of which I continue my Earth experience, my physical journey.

This Light body is where I do not die, where all is possible, where I am Spirit right here, right now. We all have a Light body. Many of us refuse to recognize it for many reasons including ignorance created by religious conditioning, social norms, belief systems and other mental and emotional blocks.

It is my suggestion that you allow your LIGHT BODY TO PREVAIL. Go into your Light body. It is right there with you. Begin by agreeing that it's OK to be in your Light body and it will show you how to avail yourself of it.

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