Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why You Must Stop Being A Snob and Snubbing

As Carlos Castaneda, in his book, The Eagle's Gift, writes, "when you turn your back on someone or something with a throughly snobbish attitude, when you snub them, you are crashing down your humbleness and being defensive." What happens when you behave this way is that you run the risk of people or things giving you a backlash that will expose your snobbery in an uncomfortable way.

How do we avoid this? Instead of being snobbish, "one has to be utterly humble and carry nothing to defend, not even one's person; that one's person should be protected, but not defended." By being protective and not defensive, we become speakers of OUR truth and leaders by example rather than biased and opinionated people who have to always be right. We don't make OUR truth YOUR truth. We protect ourselves by being our own best advocate with an assertiveness not an aggressiveness. We don't become defensive because we have nothing to defend. We simply protect our own ability to Love, to be who we are without harming. We live and we let live. We are not better than anyone. We are simply different.

I believe this is important as it is a perspective that does not see anyone or anything beneath one's self. It holds that we are all a spark of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence and therefore all connected.

I don't hold myself above you. I am you.

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