Sunday, July 30, 2017

There Is No Universe That Gives You Stuff

From my experience with the so-called Universe; I discovered there is no Universe that gives people stuff. It doesn't work that way. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is YOU who are the Universe. YOU give YOU stuff. Let me elaborate.

I discovered that God, the Universe, Creation, the quantum field is inside of everything including human beings. When we are awake to the Universe in ourselves, when we are aware that WE are the Universe and that it is in everything, we can then align with ourselves AND all that is connected to us by controlling our thoughts and feelings with purposeful intentions that begin with appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. When you behave and believe and exist is this manner, you create a field of infinte possibilities in your life because you are in alignment with, you resonate with, you are alike with yourself inside and out. Your thoughts, feelings and being match. See what I mean?

Each human is an ACTIVE participant in life. Nothing is GIVEN to you. You BRING ABOUT with your conscious, awake, active awareness that you are ALSO the creator, the Universe and that you click the ON button in relationship to all there is. It's you who is God, the Universe in connection to God, the Universe that is in everything. YOU ARE NOT ALL OF GOD. JUST A SPARK OF GOD BUT GOD NONETHELESS.

When you take back your power and realize yourself as an active participant with yourself, with all there is, inside and out, you give yourself permission to realize the infinite potential that you already are.

This is sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction. It's really not Attraction per se. It is an aligning, a being the same as the Abundant, creative mindset that is the true nature of God, the Universe that is YOU!!! This is in every microbe, ant, flower, planet, person, etc.

The seed of creation is germinating as you.

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