Saturday, July 22, 2017

Soul Transcendence

Soul transcendence. What does this mean? From my observing my own soul and the souls of others, this concept remains esoteric at best and it is important enough a concept for me to throw my hat in the ring as to what significance Soul Transcendence has for human beings.

I may be wrong about this and my perception tells me from experience that Soul Transcendence is when our souls have a correction that we came into physical incarnation to make. For example, you are on track to become a famous actress but your soul correction is to be in service to others to assist them along their path. Your soul correction is going from all about you to all about others. You came into physical incarnation to make this soul correction and when you do, you greatly expand your soul's awareness and experience Soul Transcendence. Your soul's awareness transcends to a greater level of awareness.

I have seen and experienced this and I know it is real. From my view, it is the single most important thing a human being can and will do with a lifetime.

There is no mistaking when you experience Soul Transcendence because it is life changing. Often, a person goes in a completely different direction in life, one that is more soulful, filled with greater meaning, service to others, greater awareness and much more. These aspects may not always be conscious in those who have transcended as in they may not be totally aware of what has happened in their life.

I have experienced this in myself to a conscious degree and saw it happen to those very close to me. The act of soul correction is not always catalyzed in the nicest of ways. Sometimes it's brutal with an attendant dark night of the soul, trauma, accidents and tragic circumstances. The reason is that your soul is trying to get your attention. You will make this soul correction come hell or high water.

I bring this awareness to you that you may look at your own life and look at your soul's progression and investigate your own soul correction and Transcendence if you have not already done so.

Making a soul correction, I have found, leads to profound peace.

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