Thursday, July 13, 2017

Me And Spirit, We Be Good

I have finally realized and accepted that Spirit and I are one. Spirit has always come to me. I have always felt Spirit's presence. I never felt the need for religion, a guru or a practice. All I knew was that Spirit was with me and guiding me and that I needed to accept and be Spirit's messenger. For me, any spiritual philosophy, religion, guru existed to bring us closer to Spirit. It took me many years to accept Spirit's calling to understand that Spirit and I are inimitably intertwined.

In being Spirit's emmisary, I've been shown what's behind the curtain and as such, I have been asked to tell others what is behind that curtain. What I perceived is that I am Spirit and so are we all. I can tell you that it's not easy, at first, to accept what Spirit reveals to you. There is fear, hesitation, doubt and ignorance.

After many years of being in Spirit's presence, I have come to love Spirit just as Spirit has shown it's love for me. Perceiving Spirit's love is not only in feeling Spirit. It's in acknowledging that Spirit is here for and with me. Spirit has shown its love by providing much sustainance, supply, abundance, manifestation, dreams and blessings. What I give back to Spirit is acknowledging it and being it in flesh. I say to Spirit, "I Am."

For me, Spirit is palpable. It is real. It is with me.

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you allow Spirit in your life. Not more Spirit. Just Spirit itself.

Here is what Spirit likes: appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. When you apply these realities to your life, Spirit appears and opens the door to infinite potential. Now, what more do you want?

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