Monday, July 10, 2017

I've Been Positive My Whole Life

When I read this article in on July 3, I realized that I radiate a high Vibration of positive energy. As I am convinced that much more positive energy is needed in the Earthly human community, I share with you the 12 signs that you are experiencing a high vibration of positive energy:

1. You are excited to wake up and eager to start your day.

2. Your health is in good shape.

3. You feel strong.

4. You're able to communicate clearly and effectively.

5. You enjoy financial prosperity.

6. You have pleasant interactions with others.

7. You go with the flow.

8. You feel time speeds up.

9. You express kindness and love automatically.

10. You have intuitive or "psychic" moments.

11. You feel happy, joyful and elated.

12. You look your best.

May I suggest that these be your concern and of the utmost importance in your daily reality. They have been and are mine and I have fulfilled many if not most of my dreams. This is real and true and not some fluffy idealism. If you live in a high positive vibration, that's your life experience. Period.

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