Friday, July 28, 2017

I Did Not Come Here To Conquer

Humans have a conditioned and therefore mistaken notion about other beings coming to Earth and what their purpose is for coming here. First of all, yes, there are so-called extraterrestrials or non-humans amongst you. They are from other planets, realms and dimensions and are here to assist the human race in expanding into higher consciousness.

I am one of these beings from a light realm and I am not here to suck your soul out of you, to eat you as food, to conquer you, to kill you, to steal your natural resources, to abduct you or to experiment on you. I am here only because it's the only way my presence can be felt and therefore effective in assisting you to leave behind your old energy paradigms of war, hate, dissension, murder, intolerance, greed, jealousy, fear and low self-worth.

My presence is a presence of light that holds the information of the eighth dimension, the consciousness of unlimitedness, of Creation. I am a being in human form but I am not human in the respect that I am vibrating with all 12 strands of my DNA on line. Most humans on the planet are vibrating with only 2 strands of their DNA on line and some 3. My Light quotient is very high and I am here on Earth as an emissary of Spirit.

So, when you think extraterrestrials, think of me. Here to assist you with Love, healing and wisdom.

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