Saturday, July 29, 2017

Be Truthful To Yourself

Stop kidding yourself, making excuses for yourself, being fake, accepting your creation of a false sense of security, a fake narrative as you live unconsciously and mindlessly believing that what you believe is the TRUTH!!! THERE IS NO TRUTH!!! There is only your experience based on your level of perception and that is what you believe is your "truth."

How can one be truthful to oneself? Rule number one: accept yourself and therefore others, for exactly who and what you and they are. See yourself in a true light of who you are, meaning both your strengths and your weaknesses and be willing to take heed from your environment about how to shore up, how to improve your faults and also how to capitalize on your strengths. Remember also, that your greatest weakness can be your greatest strength. Decide to look at yourself and see who you really are and don't try persuading others and yourself that you are not who you are. Don't be an empty suit.

Rule number two: realize that you are much more than you believe you are and don't allow yourself and others to put you in a box, to label you, to accept your own and others description of you that narrowly confines and defines you. You are more, much more. I know. I've been there!

Be truthful to yourself and others at all costs and you will be authentic, charismatic, real, genuine and attractive. I do this. I am happy.

Let Truth be a guiding principle in your life not in a self-righteous way but in a way of leading by example, speaking and being your truth and doing so with humility.

The truth is not out there, it's in here.

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